About Us

Frozen Food Press(FFPress) is managed and operated by Frozen Food Journalist Junko Yamamoto.

Director and Editor-in-Chief, Frozen Food F.F. Press Ltd.
(Former editor-in-chief of Frozen Food Newspaper “Reitō Shokuhin Shinbun”)

Yamamoto Junko

1981 Frozen Food Newspaper Reporter
1998 Editor-in-Chief
2015 Chief Executive

Became independent in October 2015, launched frozen food specialty information site “FFPress”

From April 2016 Full-fledged rollout of information dissemination on “FFPress”

July 2007 – Pizza Council Secretary General (current)

A frozen food journalist who has been involved in reporting on frozen foods for 42 years.

34 years as a reporter, editor-in-chief, and managing director of the specialized newspaper “Reitō Shokuhin Shinbun”

Became independent in October 2015, and has since made it my life’s work to convey the truth about frozen foods to general consumers through the specialized website “FFPress”.

TBS TV “Matsuko’s Unknown World”,
Nippon Television “Hirunandesu!”
NHK “Asaichi”,
Fuji Television “Nonstop! NONSTOP!”
TV Tokyo “Yojigoji Days”
Cultural Broadcasting “Misa Tamagawa Happy”,
TBS Radio “Jane Sue’s Life is Dancing”,
Asahi Shimbun Be, Joshi Seven, Joshi Himself, Otona Oshare Techo, CHANTO, GetNavi, Nihon Keizai Shimbun Electronic Edition, Bunshun Online, and many other media appearances.

“General Foods” (magazine, published by General Food Research Institute), “Restaurant Newspaper” (newspaper, published by Nihon Shokuryo Shimbun), “&Table” (web medium, Eat & Foods)

https://frozenfoodpress.com Japanese